Summer of Code Projects

nathan, April 12th, 2007

We’re very happy to have five students working on Creative Commons and Science Commons projects in conjunction with this year’s Google “Summer of Code”: Briefly, they are:

* Cassio de Albuquerque Melo, working on a plug-in for to “support CC licensing”:
* Jason Kivlighn, working on adding licensing support to “Tracker”:
* Alan Kelon Oliveira de Moraes, working on making “Nutch”: “RDFa”: aware
* Taylor R. Campbell, working on RDF Tools in Scheme (Science Commons, they’ll have to explain)
* Matthias Samwald, working on, well, something Science-y and Semantic Web-y… again, they’ll have to explain

Congratulations to the students selected, and thanks to everyone who submitted applications. There were lots of really good applications, which is incredibly encouraging. I’m really excited to see where the projects go this summer, and we hope to have the students blogging about their progress here.

3 Responses to “Summer of Code Projects”

  1. Cassio Melo says:

    Congratulations for all students accepted in the program! Thanks to mentors! I’m glad to be joining in CC group this summer. You will receive regular feedback about my project.


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