CC OpenOffice.Org AddIn updates

ksiomelo, July 7th, 2007

Hello all,

updates of the version 0.0.2:

* Creative Commons menu became visible in Calc and Impress

Although it’s is not working properly yet, the addin is now supporting the other ooo applications.

* License Image bug fixed

Now the addin is retrieving the licenses images perfectly!

* Display dialog when opening licensed documents

A simple dialog box is shown when a CC licensed document is opened.

* Checks if the document is already licensed and warns the user

Something like “You have chosen a different license, do you want to proceed anyway?”

… serveral other minor-updates were made in the addin.

Take a look at the screen shots!

License inserted in the document
Document already licensed
Opening a licensed document
Using the CC autotext to replicate the license

Want to try? Just download the ccooo.oxt file and install it from Extension Manager in OpenOffice.Org!

Next steps:

  • Internationalization support;
  • Exception handling (including timeout);
  • Some changes on GUI, such as adding progress bars;
  • Settings menu?
  • Work on the same functionalities in Calc and Impress.
  • 2 Responses to “CC OpenOffice.Org AddIn updates”

    1. Jason Kivlighn says:

      Putting the license metadata in the user-defined fields is temporary, correct?

    2. ksiomelo says:

      The idea is to make the ODF format supporting CC metadata in it’s description natively. But I think it’ll take some time.. So yes, I’m assuming that putting the metadata in user-defined fields is temporary =)