OpenID on the CC Wiki

tpkennes, July 26th, 2007

Creative Commons’ wiki is now an OpenID enabled-site. Don’t hesitate – if you don’t have one yet – to create an OpenID account. There are severals OpenID providers so merely choose one from the list below :

VeriSign Personnal Identity Provider

A really nice screencast by Don McAllister explaining how to use OpenID can be viewed here.

Edit:  Another screencast from Simon Willison

One Response to “OpenID on the CC Wiki”

  1. asheesh says:

    Also don’t forget – one of the best things about OpenID is that you can run it on your own server. That way, you control your identity from top to bottom. Another cool feature is that you can delegate responsibility for your own URL to a different server. That way, you at least control what outside entity controls your identity. In this way, OpenID is an innovation in the long tradition of Internet software, from DNS to email to Jabber.

    Great thanks to Thierry for setting this up!