Metadata work of interest

ml, August 3rd, 2007

Some of these could turn out to be interesting for describing licensed content on the web, all rather interesting.

hAudio proposed microformat.

Proposed hAudio to RDFa mapping.

RDFa-deployed Multimedia Medata (ramm.x) may be an effort to map and standardize use of existing and upcoming media description standards in RDFa … I had to skim “ramm.x in 10 sec” and “what ramm.x is NOT” a few times to gather that, but the key description on that page seems to be:

Does ramm.x replace RDF-based multimedia vocabularies, as, e.g., the Music Ontology Specification?
No! ramm.x aims at bringing existing formats, as MPEG-7 and the like, into the Semantic Web. It acts as a bridge using a certain formalisation of an existing vocabulary.

Getting a bit more esoteric, Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER):

facilitates the publication of descriptions of multiple resources such as all those available from a Web site.

Which is a bit of an understatement.

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