Flickr Image Re-Use for update

mihai, June 13th, 2008

I`m happy to announce that i succeeded in doing, in a basic manner, all the 3 requirements for this project : search photos by tags, by license and to insert one photo into a document.

Here you have a screenshot made after a search was done on tag mountains and license Attribution License :

Results after a search on a tag and a license

Also here you have the screenshot with the photo inserted into a document . As you can see the image was inserted with a default size, but this will be changed later.

What i`ll try to do next :

  • add menus to each image with the available sizes
  • improve the searching
  • inserting the image into the document with the selected size
  • adding the license into the document
  • more testing

I hope, that in less than 2 weeks i will make available a good version.

Any comments or suggestions are well appreciated.

ps : I came across this article. “I for one can’t wait.” says Andrew Min about this project. I`ll try to not disappoint him :)

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