Flickr Image Re-Use for Demo availlable

mihai, July 12th, 2008

Never trust a programmer when he gives you a date for something to be done . Thats what i did in my last article (2 weeks i think i said then) and here we are a month later.

What has be done since my last article :

  • right click on an result (image) will show you a popup menu with the available sizes on Flickr server
  • left click on a result will insert directly in Writer the image with size medium as default
  • once the image is inserted some text will be added beside the image(title , link to the image, license and link to the license)
  • i improved searching and the way the image is adding into Writer
  • i added a more friendly interface when you want to search over license (similar with advanced search on Flickr website)
  • added a previous button to see previous results if needed
  • if you insert a image, when you open again the extension the previous search will be done immediately ( on the exact the same position if you used the previous or next buttons)
  • about searching : we can have multiple tags (separated by space : ” “) and the relation between them is AND . also the results are ordered by interestingness
  • a progress bar was added
  • the extension after installation can be found here : Insert Picture From Flickr …

Some screenshots :

The results from a search by the extension vs Flickr search

Right click on an image

Inserted image into Writer

Also i would to add that this extension, at this momment, works only in Writer.

Download (right click and save as)

Any suggestions or remarks are greatly appreciated.

7 Responses to “Flickr Image Re-Use for Demo availlable”

  1. Steren says:

    Nice work,

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t check it : On Ubuntu Festy, I’ve got this error when I want to add the extension :
    “Could not create java implementation loader”

  2. Oshani says:

    Hi Mihai,

    Impressive work! Is the source code for this project available publicly somewhere?

  3. Mihai says:

    hello Steren,

    it seems the problem is not from extension. It might be connected to this : or .

    sorry for the late response.

  4. Mihai says:

    hello Oshani,



    The code in the following days will suffer some changes and i hope it will look better.

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  7. Chadnan says:

    Thanks a lot. That’s really a great work. I had so much problem while adding image in my blog post. Now I can do it easily, just downloaded.