GSoC Firefox Extension: Project Introduction and Weekly Reports #1-2

igorlukanin, June 8th, 2010

Hello, my name’s Igor Lukanin. I’m a 21 year old student of the Ural Federal University located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Despite the fact that I study IT security, I’ve always been interested in the FOSS initiative and licensing issues, that’s why I’m proud to present the other GSoC project here at CC. But first, I should thank Nathan Yergler who was giving valuable comments on the project proposal, and my mentor John Doig who is always willing to help, letting me work around any obstacles I face.

Project Introduction

The project is intended to develop an extension for Mozilla Firefox web browser that would make it easy to find CC-licensed content on browsed pages, know the license and its terms, clarify their meaning and generate correct attribution information for content re-usage. The major advantage of this project is its (future) nice and polished UI (a mockup of the browser’s Page Info dialog is available).

Paying attention to the seamy side of life, I should mention that the extension would do its magic by parsing RDFa metadata. It seems that it would perfectly consume the outcome of the GSoC WordPress plugin, as well as work with a huge number of existing web-sites providing RDFa metadata.

A bit more information may be found in the project proposal (choose Save Link As from the context menu).

Weekly Reports #1-2

The strong side of my project is that the result of the development may be easily observed. The current version of the extension (as well, choose Save Link As from the context menu, then install) is capable of parsing RDFa metadata and showing gathered triples in a separate tab of the browser’s Page Info dialog (an icon in the location bar may be clicked to get there).

I spent the 1st week creating the skeleton code of my extension and observing available solutions that may be used to parse RDFa data in JavaScript.

The 2nd week was spent integrating the RDFa in Javascript library by Ben Adida, Nathan Yergler, and Jeni Tennison, using it to parse and cache RDFa matadata while browsing web pages, creating a new tab in the Page Info dialog for this info to be shown. The changes in the code caused the need for a refactoring which I’m currently thinking of.

The current state of the project shows that its not too much effort left to start implementing the UI that was shown in the proposal.

Contact details

The project is hosted in the CC Code repository, so you may always fetch and try the latest version of the extension (for example, using wget

I’ll be pleased if anyone tries the extension, probably reporting any issues. It’s generally useless now, however you may find it interesting to dig into the raw RDFa of web-sites. Anyway, I’d like to hear any opinions here in comments, on the channel, by email or via Jabber.

One Response to “GSoC Firefox Extension: Project Introduction and Weekly Reports #1-2”

  1. erlehmann says:

    I am already generating valid and useful RDFa with my project. Try it out ! :)

    Also, will you also implement HTML5 microdata parsing ?