Welcome Hudson to Creative Commons

nathan, August 12th, 2010

We’ve been working over the past year on improving our tooling and processes for the CC website software, and we’re starting to see the results. We’ve moved our translations to Transifex, where updates are committed directly to our git repository. We’ve rolled out a new version of the license engine with different (better!) caching. And our API now uses the same license definition as the license chooser and the partner interface. While this has been great in terms of agility and deployment speed, it also means that if a single piece breaks, other things are more likely to depend on that piece.

Earlier this week I spent a little time installing Hudson on our development server. By looking at the dashboard, you can easily see the build status of CC projects, including the aforementioned license components, and DiscoverEd, our linked data search prototype.

Hudson is already proving itself worth the time to deploy and configure. After installation, I saw that a test for the API was failing. I pinged John, and was happy to see the build go green a few minutes later when he checked in a fix and Hudson rebuilt the package. Graphs like the testing trend for discovered also help quantify the progress being made. Overall, it already feels like we have better visibility into the state of our infrastructure.

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