LibreOffice and CC OpenOffice Plugin: Good to go

cwebber, December 8th, 2010

Over the summer, our GSOC student Akila Wajirasena gave a wonderful overhaul to our OpenOffice plugin with many improvements, including a slick new user interface, support for public domain tools, and many other cool things. Recently he contacted us having looked into whether or not that plugin works with LibreOffice, a fork of OpenOffice run by the Document Foundation, which has gathered significant interest from certain areas of the free and open source software world recently.

The good news? It seems that it works just fine out of the box:

CC LibreOffice plugin test

We’ve only tested it on some limited systems though, so if you do have some problems, please report them here.

We also included some instructions previously on how to fix an issue on GNU/Linux systems where the menu would become inaccessible, and you had to install via the command line to fix it. That seems like it may be fixed in LibreOffice.

One concern though is that LibreOffice is trying to use less amounts of Java or completely abandon Java altogether. Probably Java extensions will be supported some way in the future regardless, but it may be something to keep our eye on.

Thanks to Akila again for his work not only on the plugin enhancements but also into looking into this with LibreOffice.

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