License identifier on the Deeds

nathan, January 7th, 2011

Yesterday we launched a refresh of the site design for Included in the changes pushed was one small one originally suggested by our international Affiliate Network: the inclusion of the license identifier on the deeds.

Anyone who’s been in the CC community for any length of time has seen people refer to the licenses by their short-hand names: CC BY for Attribution, BY-SA for Attribution-ShareAlike, etc. But that short hand, while useful, has been a bit of inside baseball: it’s part of the URL, but never appeared on the deeds, which we want to be the human readable summary of the license. As of yesterday the short-hand name is now on the deed. We’ve also annotated it with RDFa, so the licenses self-describe their short name (software can dereference the license URI and look for information describing it there). Thanks again to Alek and the affiliate network for suggesting this change.

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