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License Discovery in Feeds

nathan, January 4th, 2011

Right before the winter break I came across Scott Wilson’s blog post on a CETIS blog about license discovery in RSS and Atom feeds. Scott provides an pseudo-algorithm for how they’ve approached license discovery. It’s a good approach, and I’m very happy to see people publishing about how they’ve approached this sort of issue. Reading it reminded me of a few points that are often glossed over or forgotten.

Scott points out that there are two CC namespaces — and Due to hysteric^W historical reasons, was the first host of the CC REL schema, which we later moved to (as the appropriate home). This came up on another thread late last year, and we’ve taken the first step to making this a little easier to deal with, redirecting the old home,, to We’ll be publishing equivalency assertions soon to further clarify the situation for processors.

Scott also points out that the RDF included with licensed works is sometimes redundant. Yes, absolutely. Our previous recommendation suggested the inclusion of RDF describing the license in an HTML comment. As mentioned previously, we also realized this is redundant and of minimal value. It’s not clear under what circumstances a processor would be inclined to trust RDF about a license, at, published with the work, elsewhere. Hindsight, 20/20, etc.

Finally, when discussing how to handle the license URIs extracted, Scott’s approach states that if the license URI is not known, they mark it as “unknown”. This is a situation where self-describing documents can be useful to processors. An alternative approach would be to dereference the URI and attempt to extract details about the license. We use this approach ourselves in several situations, most recently with OpenAttribute, a prototype Firefox add-on for displaying license and attribution information.

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Technical case studies now on the wiki

akozak, November 18th, 2010

Have you ever tried to implement CC licensing into a publishing platform? Would it have been helpful to know how other platforms have done it?

I’ve just added a collection of technical case studies on the CC wiki looking at how some major adopters have implemented CC. The studies look at how some major platforms have implemented CC license choosers, the license chooser partner interface, CC license marks, search by license, and license metadata.

Several of the case studies are missing some more general information about the platform, so feel free to add your own content to the pages. Also, everyone is welcome to add their own case studies to the CC wiki.

Here is a list of new technical case studies:

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