ccPublisher 5.0 requirements

ml, May 18th, 2007

Described at Move My Data. Found via this comment.

(But don’t get too excited — ccPublisher is actually only at version 2.2.1 and Move My Data looks like vaporware at this point.)

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StuffIt 10 Considered Harmful

nathan, May 1st, 2007

Mac OS X users of “ccPublisher”: have long been plagued by the following error:

No module named os. Check console.log for complete error report.

The source of this has been a mystery. For a while the pattern suggested it was only older, non-supported versions of Mac OS X. Then my suspicion was Intel-based Macs. But neither of those really held up under scrutiny. Last month a “thread”: on the Python Mac SIG(Special Interest Group) mailing list revealed the culprit: Stuffit 10.

StuffIt 11 Preferences

StuffIt has an option to “continue expanding” archives, so if you have a gzipped tar file, it will do both passes: un-gzip, un-tar at once. However, Python applications packaged for Mac OS X using the “py2app”: utility contain an additional zip file, hidden in the application. This zip file contains the Python runtime library. Apparently StuffIt 10 traverses into application bundles and continues the unzip process if you’ve chosen to “continue expanding”.

From my brief testing this morning, it appears that StuffIt 11 is smarter in this respect — even with “continue expanding” checked it doesn’t traverse into application bundles. So if you’ve run into this problem, either unzip from the command line or upgrade StuffIt. Future releases of CC software for OS X will use DMG(disk image) files to avoid this problem in the future.

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nathan, April 23rd, 2007

After the downtime we “reported”: this morning, Berlios is back online. ccPublisher “downloads”: are now available again. We’ll be mirroring the downloads to another server to protect against future outages.

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CC Tools @ Berlios Unavailable

nathan, April 23rd, 2007

Back in November, 2005, SourceForge wasn’t looking so hot: no Subversion support, despite repeated promises for it, seemingly increasing down time, that sort of thing. “Berlios”: seemed to be the obvious alternative, and so we moved the “ccPublisher”: project to it. It was undergoing a period of really active refactoring, and Subversion actually made some of that easier. SourceForge actually launched their Subversion service not long after we left, but there was never a compelling reason to merge things back together — the two codebases didn’t have tons of intersection points and there was never a pressing need that would raise the idea to the top of the task list.

Unfortunately Berlios has apparently taken a big dirt nap. I was traveling over the weekend and when I came back online yesterday there were several messages asking about ccPublisher downloads (which were hosted at Berlios). At this point it appears Berlios has been down for at least 72 hours. I haven’t been able to find anything online about what happened or when (if) service is expected to return. The bad news (yes, that wasn’t really the bad news) is that we don’t have backups (outside of Berlios, of course) for the ccPublisher installers.

So until we get things figured out, downloads of “ccPublisher”:, the “command line tools”:, and anything else hosted at Berlios (just some libraries, I think) are all unavailable. We’re working on getting things restored and will keep everyone updated.

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