CC: The Clear Choice for BotNets Everywhere

nathan, May 17th, 2007

I was working this morning and noticed that “#cc”:, our IRC channel, was particularly active. But I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. It didn’t look like any conversation about licensing _I’d_ ever seen. And then I realized: it was a botnet rental negotiation. What I especially loved is the question, “you a fed?” Presumably *K_Soze* is under the false impression that if a law enforcement officer answers the question dishonestly, they’re guilty of entrapment.

Presented for your enjoyment, the logs:

[09:19am] K_Soze: Evenin all
[09:20am] K_Soze: I’m wondering what seller sells?
[09:20am] Seller: hi K_Soze
[09:20am] Seller: that depends…
[09:20am] Seller: what you want to buy?
[09:21am] K_Soze: Well that’s always the question… but it’s also a matter of whether people can supply… and people can supply the right quality and quantity?
[09:21am] Seller: K_Soze: you will have to be more specific?
[09:22am] K_Soze: I thought a channel called cc , talking a guy called seller was specific enough, but maybe not….
[09:23am] Seller: you are not a fed are you?
[09:23am] K_Soze: There’s no need to get spooked… I’ve dealt with people on this chan before who I’m sure will vouch for me
[09:24am] Seller: lets just say I like to help people out
[09:24am] Seller: you got a problem – i got a solution
[09:25am] K_Soze: Yeah but not everyone is looking for such a high quality solution… the cc bit is generally easy… it’s other more…… “mechanical” things I’m interested in…
[09:25am] Seller: hmmm
[09:25am] Seller: i sell by the thousands
[09:25am] Seller: top quality
[09:26am] K_Soze: Thousands? Well I’ve spoken to people who sell by the thousands… they ask if I want one or two thousand….
[09:26am] K_Soze: but that’s obviously not what’ i’m interested in
[09:26am] Seller: you dont want a couple thousand mechanical friends?
[09:26am] Seller: to help out?
[09:26am] K_Soze: No, I want more than a couple…
[09:26am] Seller: how much more?
[09:27am] K_Soze: Well I guess it’s not so much the number as the commotion such a bunch of friends could induce…
[09:28am] Seller: can do pings, can do http, can do smtp
[09:28am] K_Soze: Geographically dispersed?
[09:28am] Seller: very very effective
[09:28am] Seller: all over the place – china, russia, usa
[09:29am] Seller: australia
[09:29am] Seller: i can mix them up for ya
[09:29am] K_Soze: Hrmmmm…..
[09:29am] K_Soze: by the job or by day / week?
[09:29am] Seller: you rent them per week
[09:29am] Seller: web interface – very easy
[09:30am] K_Soze: web? no IRC?
[09:30am] Seller: yep web – very easy
[09:30am] K_Soze: hrmm interesting…. would be curious to give them a run…. this collection… they attracting much attention?
[09:31am] Seller: barely used so far
[09:31am] nathany: uh, do you guys realize this channel is for Creative Commons license-related discussion?
[09:31am] Seller: oh oops
[09:31am] Seller: K_Soze: see ya later
[09:31am] nathany: yeah, oops
[09:31am] Seller left the chat room.
[09:31am] K_Soze: cc = Creative commons? laters.
[09:31am] K_Soze left the chat room. (“leaving”)

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