Building the CC Network

frank, December 12th, 2008

Creative Commons CTO Nathan Yergler discussed the Creative Commoner network, which was developed beginning in October and is still under active development. The network allows creators to collect references to their work in one place — to act as a registry. It also serves to bring people in to the CC community, and aid interoperability and connection of existing data and works.

The CC network sports personalized profile pages, OpenID, and a simple registry, which Nathan discussed in turn. Creative Commons can build layers of trust by validating a user’s “confirmed” name from PayPal transactions, meaning that license claims are more legitimate than otherwise. But there are issues, such as name changes and incorrect or outdated information from PayPal.

OpenID is an open single sign-on standard which CC provides with a Commoner account. There are issues around this as well, such as a need to trust your provider. Nathan laid out the various ways CC is working to mitigate these issues.

But “the meat of the CC network” is in the work registry. As yet it is a simple implementation. Reciprocal claims and validation are key, where the registration learns about the validity about a work registration claim based on the presence of similar license data on that page. This shows that the user making the claim does indeed have the ability to edit the work in question.

Future developments include better identification of works and metadata, registration of feeds, the ability to follow creators in their subsequent works, and general future efforts exploring registry technology.

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OpenID on the CC Wiki

tpkennes, July 26th, 2007

Creative Commons’ wiki is now an OpenID enabled-site. Don’t hesitate – if you don’t have one yet – to create an OpenID account. There are severals OpenID providers so merely choose one from the list below :

VeriSign Personnal Identity Provider

A really nice screencast by Don McAllister explaining how to use OpenID can be viewed here.

Edit:  Another screencast from Simon Willison

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ml, May 10th, 2007

Today’s release of MediaWiki 1.10 reminds me that the CC Wiki is badly in need of an upgrade (from 1.6). Here’s the todo list:

  • Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.10
  • Add more spam prevention, remove barriers
    • possibly no image upload on new accounts?
    • add capcha?
    • remove need for email confirmation?
  • Install OpenId extension
  • Install Semantic MediaWiki extension

That’s in addition to migrating and adding lots more content there and doing a theme refresh.

The release also reminds me to look at an old patch to AJAX-ify Creative Commons license selection option in installer, makie it work in 1.10, and try to get it into the mainline.

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