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If you know your stuff, the you might be able to guess from the subject what this is about. Perhaps LR = Learning Resource is not obvious. More on the main CC blog…

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CCSearch Testing Progress

alex, September 2nd, 2010

Two months ago we set out to develop a brand new interface for During that time, two UIs have been in testing alongside the current search. All visitors have had the option to switch their experience over to one of the beta versions.

  1. A drop-down list of supported search engines
  2. A radio button group of search engines

During the test we collected various analytical data based on visitor rate, beta deactivations, and interface clicks. We wanted to see which of the UIs had more return visitors, and more interactions per visit.

Drop-down UI Radio button UI
Page Loads 2,221 6,840
% changed search engine 22% 41%
% changed the query 16% 22%
% clicked submit 30% 37%
Beta deactivations 142 132

As the numbers indicate, overall user interaction with the radio button interface was more successful, as well as having higher visitor retention and return rates. Over the next month we plan to tweak, test, and perfect our new search interface, before rolling out to the millions of people who visit every month.

We invite you to leave your feedback, critiques, and comments about our planned new search interface. Over the coming weeks, bugs will be fixed, and some new functionality added — The highest priority of which will be full internationalization.

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