wpLicense 0.7.6

nathan, April 11th, 2007

Today I released wpLicense 0.7.6 (download see update below). It’s a minor bug fix, but one worth noting. Thanks to Tiago and Cristóbal for both reporting the bug.

The bug was simple: the documentation says that the licenseUri function returns the URI of the selected license. And that’s what the internal wpLicense code relied on. However, the implementation actually echo‘d the URI, introducing a race condition: if things were timed just right, the problem wasn’t apparent. But too often they weren’t, and then it was.

There are some outstanding issues with wpLicense, particularly with rendering the selection interface under Internet Explorer. That’s just one of the tasks new web engineer will be tackling when he or she comes on board. Which reminds me, we’re still accepting resumes.

UPDATE: Yeah, so 0.7.6 only had half the fix; well, the entire fix, but I was braindead with the default parameter value. So I give you