[ Development ] Featured here are projects currently under development at Creative Commons. All projects are prone to change and are unsupported. Comments and feedback welcome.

Current Projects

Freedoms License Chooser

An experimental take on the licensing concept. Playing with the idea of licensing components as puzzle pieces, to allow you to figuratively bolt together and customize the CC license of your choice.

DHTML License Chooser

A simplified licensing engine, building from our current server-side implementation, and turning it into a responsive client-side javascript application.

Metadata Lab

The license choosers above generate experimental metadata. Read all about it.

Termination of Transfer Tool

The U.S. Congress decided that it was important to provide a mechanism under which previously sold or licensed rights under copyright could be returned to the original author or their family members. This tool is Creative Commons' attempt at simplifying that process to make it more author-friendly and accessible. Please take a look at the FAQ, and the tool itself, for more information.


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